Castle Resort Competition

Roccamandolfi, Italy

Competition Entry

New Construction (Proposed)

A continuous path organizes a series of lightweight structures from the site entrance to observation stairs overlooking the landscape and town of Roccamandolfi. The path is composed of two contrasting elements; open stairs exposed to the sky and a winding path sloping up under the cover of trees.

The common space between the hotel structures visually connects the resort to the castle ruins and serves as a physical manifestation of the ideas of exploration, history, and relaxation.

Structures are built from wooden modular prefabricated panels. Orthogonal geometries and flat roofs contrast with the undulating landscape.

The analogies of “perch”, “nest”, and “soar” inform the architecture of the three types of structures.

Located along barren slopes of the site. These structures rest firmly on the earth, are perpendicular to the slope, and have views directly out to the landscape. Entrance is from an adjacent stone path.

Placed in heavily wooded areas of the site. Structures are rotated against the mountain slope and a series of volumes shelters the inhabitant from the landscape beyond. These structures are reached by bridge.

Positioned within the ruined castle turrets. These structures rest lightly on the earth and appear to float. Entrance is up a winding stair that celebrates the body leaving the earth and leads to dramatic panoramic views.