Harley-Davidson Santa Fe

Mexico City, Mexico

Competition Entry

Renovation, Addition (Proposed)

51,400 sq ft


The objective is to design the renovation of both the Harley-Davidson and BRP branches. The solution needs to respect the images of the companies while renewing and strengthening their urban image, customer experiences, and business growth.



The building’s construction is like the precision engineering and assembly of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It is made from a kit of parts engineered and manufactured off-site then carefully assembled on site.  The main components of this kit are engineered trusses, insulated wood panels, and a frameless glass system.



The two showrooms are conceived as glass jewel boxes displaying their contents to the passerby. Using the existing structure, the showrooms are lifted into the air and repositioned closer to Paseo de la Reforma. The open spaces under the showrooms become additional parking and storage. The common breezeway between the showrooms encourages travel between the dealerships and the restaurant above.