Lamborghini Road Monument Competition

Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy

Competition Entry

New Construction (Proposed)

Competition Brief

In order to celebrate the “Urus” project, a supersport car among SUVs, Automobili Lamborghini invites designers to imagine two monumental landmarks aimed at marking the entrances of its historic plants.



We celebrate the Lamborghini ‘Urus’ project in a spatial play of 57 carbon fiber bearing tubes, one for each year since the founding of Lamborghini, braced with 20 cross-members representing each production model.

The repetition and sequencing of the tubular elements creates an elegant and powerful symbol in space and time. The resulting spiral configuration, derived from the Fibonacci sequence, anchors the roundabout and directs traffic to the historic plant.

An articulated base cradles the tower and anchors it firmly to the earth.



Performance: Critical characteristics of the brand such as speed, acceleration and handling are reinterpreted as sequence, repetition, and distance.

Engineering: Each structural member and connection is clearly defined. The result is a structure that blurs the line between form and function.

Dream: The surface of the structure oscillates between surface and void, celebrating the dream of Lamborghini and the desire to make it real.