ARGP is a firm borne of tradition, led by a team that strives to be current, relevant, and remarkable.

Founded in 1975, ARGP continues to practice with first generation values and second generation vision. By combining creative talent and modern technology, every project is a benchmark for quality and owner satisfaction. We believe our clients deserve the right design, the opportunity to be heard, and the satisfaction of a job well done. As a full service-design firm offering architecture, interiors and furniture procurement, our clients receive a complete turnkey approach. Our ninety percent referral rate reflects the trusted partnerships we build with our clients.


Andy Schiefer

Principal, Project Architect
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B. Arch


Mr. Schiefer is Architect and Principal in Architects Group Practice. He began employment as an intern in the firm and twenty years later, upon retirement of the two founding partners, took over as Principal and Owner. His priority for the firm is dedication to diversity of experience and cross training of staff and staff leaders to play multiple roles from initial project concept through project completion. His duties include project procurement and client relations, management of the project team, design concept review, production oversight and quality control-risk management assessment.

His guiding principle for management of the firm is the belief that clients deserve inspired design, the opportunity to be heard, and the satisfaction of a job well done.


Joel DeLeon

Project Manager
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B. Arch


After completing his education at Virginia Tech, Mr. DeLeon moved to northern Virginia to gain professional experience in an urban setting. Over the next decade, he worked on a variety of building types, project scales, and programs with a focus on commercial interiors and single and multifamily construction.

Serving as the project manager for a two-person firm allowed him to gain valuable experience overseeing all aspects of project delivery. Seeking to be part of a larger project team, as well as collaborating with a diverse group of designers, led him to join Architects Group Practice.

Mr. DeLeon shares the firm’s commitment to satisfy client needs while producing quality design. He believes a successful project requires teamwork and a clear design idea unique to each project.

As designers, it is important that to bring influences outside of the project’s programmatic requirements in order to create spaces that inspire.

Kyle Anderson

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B. Arch


Mr. Anderson assists in all aspects of the firm’s production, from presentation materials and schematic design, to construction documents and project management.
Besides his digital skills, Mr. Anderson has an enthusiasm for painting, applying these skills towards investigating literal and figurative means of representing architecture